micke-midlife on December 31st, 2009

Hamburg Marathon it is, on April 25. The decision formed itself a while ago I guess. As pretty much decisions should be done. First you think of a number of criteria along which the decision should be made, then you find data to this criteria, evaluate it, make a pre-selection. Then comes the most important [...]

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micke-midlife on December 31st, 2009

training notes, last week of the year
86km so far, last day tomorrow, in total going beyond 100km, goooood
The fartlek three days ago sucked big time, wasn’t able to keep up a same pace over 1,5km that should be run over the whole marathon distance in roughly 16 weeks… there’s an equation that [...]

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micke-midlife on December 28th, 2009

A week back with the old crowd again. Well, the only one old in this group is me. The young stars, Stefano who specialized this year on 2:31h marathons (Rotterdam and Berlin) and Hannes the 5000m rocket (14:20min or so), put on a tough program for this week. It should go beyond 100km and include [...]

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micke-midlife on December 22nd, 2009

I don’t read a lot, I’m not a book worm. Mostly it’s due to a lack of time and patience. Although I always enjoy a good read. If one asks whether a book’s good that let’s you fall asleep quickly at night (and you’re refreshed and feel good next morning) or a book is good [...]

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micke-midlife on December 20th, 2009

It’s been a while since we last time laid our hands on new running gear. Now one crossed our ways again. A headset, the Nokia BH-504. It has decent sound quality with background noise reduction, looks good, you can fold it to make it really small when travelling, it connects through Bluetooth and has the [...]

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micke-midlife on December 19th, 2009

It’s been quite a week weather wise. Still last weekend, I was with all enthusiasm putting on the winter tyres on the bicycle. Yes those have studs! Never had those before. Thought this gonna be fun, riding with the little princess on the back seat to the day care in the morning and back home [...]

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micke-midlife on December 14th, 2009

training notes, 24km long run
thought about a different way to do the long runs. Outside it’s now snowy, damn cold (-10 C) and yes still dark already at half past 3 in the afternoon. Not really too inviting after a day at work to go out there and hover around for an hour 40 or [...]

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micke-midlife on December 12th, 2009

It’s racing time again. Now during winter it’s the 10k’s again. The Aktia Cup winter series as last year with it’s second run. The series starts in Novmeber and consists of 5 runs. Pretty much the best crowd you can run with in Finland at this point in the year.
Thought about a novelty this time [...]

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micke-midlife on December 8th, 2009

training notes, 11 x 400m in 74.5 sec on average, 15.2km in total
Good runs, the first ones of course too fast in 72sec, but the rest stable around 75sec. Good rythm, good feeling. But hey, the folks on the track at the Espoo Epsort Arena need to learn some track rules. If you’re slow, use [...]

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micke-midlife on December 6th, 2009

training notes, slow run 15km, 4:45min/km
boring run in boring weather, was tired all the way. The little princess got interested in the bathroom scales today, she climed on ‘em, 12,9kg for her. Then she said it’s daddy’s turn. Avoided the truth for weeks. Now I know that I’m a fat pig again.

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