micke-midlife on December 19th, 2009

20122009018It’s been quite a week weather wise. Still last weekend, I was with all enthusiasm putting on the winter tyres on the bicycle. Yes those have studs! Never had those before. Thought this gonna be fun, riding with the little princess on the back seat to the day care in the morning and back home after work. That’s what I thought. Then, come Monday morning and -12 C in the dark (add some wind chill). It somehow took the fun out of it. Pretty much no change all week.

Today I was brave enough - or not too tired and lazy - to go out, not so much to bike, but rather to run. Surprisingly little clothing is needed when running in such weather. Not yet putting on long tights, only the normal long running pants I had on all autumn. Also a t-shirt and the long sleeved neoprene-like running shirt on top is sufficient. It’s more about properly covering the outer extremities, head, hands, feet. A head band covering the forehead and ears. A good pair of gloves and thicker running socks plus trail running shoes are essential.

Quite often I get asked if I’d have metal studs or spikes on my shoes. No I don’t. For a couple of reasons.

1) Even on snow you can run without falling on your nose. Spikes are mostly for icy underground and that can be avoided quite well also around here.

2) Faster runs, intervals and such I use to do inside during winter anyways. Also winter training includes a session in the gym anyways. The training sessions outside in this not too inviting conditions are limited that way.

3) A coach ones said that spikes would change the running style. Well, I’m not so sure what’s worse here: less grip without spikes and occasional stability moves by the feet and legs or additional weight and anything else that could possibly change one’s running style by studs. But the coach was a quite experienced one, he normally knew what he was talking about.

4) Additional investment that’s not necessary. As Caballo Blanco says, “Running should be free”, not made possible only with significant upfront investments.


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