micke-midlife on April 14th, 2009

This isn’t quite Helsinki beach, although if we continue with our efforts to drive up global warming and down prioritize it over “we need oil now” issues, then we’ll get there some day soon.
Anyway, this is Bob who ran track and field already in the 50’s. He won the GnL raffle and will be the [...]

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micke-midlife on April 10th, 2009

And the winner of the GnL raffle is…
Bob Radenbaugh
The winning lot was drawn yesterday evening April 9th using a highly scientific method. All 60 correct answers got assigned a number according to the chronological order of replies coming in. All numbers were put in a blue salad bowl. And the lil’ princess drew the winning [...]

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micke-midlife on March 30th, 2009

here’s part I of this shoe review.
well of course, it’s a running shoe, so you definitely can run with it. It’s however not recommended to to do other sports than running or walking with it. The glide’n lock system is not made for playing football or other ball games. I guess, the sideway forces could [...]

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micke-midlife on March 28th, 2009

The Swiss running shoe manufacturer GnL AG showed it’s product on the ISPO exhibition earlier this year (we covered it earlier), where this pair of shoes spurred quite some interest. Now the intention is to introduce the shoe and its technology to a wider audience and 400days got send a test sample pair.
So what’s the [...]

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micke-midlife on March 28th, 2009

This raffle is closed now. But no worries, we’re gonna have other ones. Just stay tuned and come around on 400days every now and then to have a look.
The Glide’n Lock system is the first running shoe with 3-dimensional cushioning. It provides better protection to your joints and faster regeneration of your muscles after harder [...]

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micke-midlife on February 2nd, 2009

Latest news reach us from the ISPO winter in Munich. What the heck is this? Did someone glue some liquorice pieces to the bottom of a running shoe? According to the Swiss inventer Mr. Braunschweiler it’s a new running sensation. Whereas normal running shoes have both a restricted capacity to absorb the shock energy when [...]

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