micke-midlife on January 9th, 2010

training notes, damn cold, damn fast, 18.6km in 1:16h

Tried to see whether you can run fast while it’s winter, quite cold (-17 degrees Celsius) and all white. Yes you can. The difficulty is to stick to a rythm. The snow surface below the feet is in not even and evenly firm. There are a lot [...]

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micke-midlife on January 8th, 2010

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micke-midlife on December 19th, 2009

It’s been quite a week weather wise. Still last weekend, I was with all enthusiasm putting on the winter tyres on the bicycle. Yes those have studs! Never had those before. Thought this gonna be fun, riding with the little princess on the back seat to the day care in the morning and back home [...]

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micke-midlife on November 10th, 2009

The target is set for this winter’s 10k running series. Going below 34min, bold as usually. “You only hit what you aim at”, as the American poet Henry Thoreau from the 19th century used to say. Btw as a tax resister quite a likeble fellow. Unfortunately there’s not much gain without pain. And a next [...]

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micke-midlife on March 11th, 2009

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somewhere I read that even a 4 hour marathon goal requires 8-9km running per day. We are now at 12km/day, is this enough for 2:40h in Rotterdam? 12 doesn’t really sound much more than 9, at least not equally much more than the results do. We’ll find out soon, it’s only [...]

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micke-midlife on February 22nd, 2009

Just in time for “laskiainen” - the high season for children in Finland to take their plastic bob sleighs and other downhill capable gear to the snow covered slopes - we got our own EUR 5 “plastic tub” to let our little princess be part of the fun. Of course, we didn’t just put her [...]

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micke-midlife on November 25th, 2008

just bought a new pair of running shoes for the winter. the local budget sport outlet had a number of winter and off-road running shoes on sale. although a pair of nike were about half the price of the asics I ended up buying, I don’t regret the decision. inexpensive nike shoes have th [...]

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micke-midlife on November 9th, 2008

the economy is slowing down. is micke-midlife drawn into this downturn?
there are signals indicating a slowdown in the disciplined weekly training. the darkness and wet weather in the evenings after work seem to make our hero shy away from his clockwork precisely programmed training schedule. week 11 training, right after the first test race, was [...]

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