micke-midlife on September 22nd, 2009

The disappointment still sits deep, it’s an empty feeling when things turn out this way. It was long way during preparations, 4300km when quantifying it. The anticipation before the big event and a good result. A lot of time and yes also money was invested and there’s not much that’s there to take away. And [...]

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micke-midlife on September 19th, 2009

Wish me luck, I can need it.

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micke-midlife on September 18th, 2009

We arrived in Berlin yesterday night with the whole kit and caboodle and mother-in-law. Checked in at the hotel in a central and for the marathon great location. But that’s pretty much all there is good to say about the hotel. Whatever, we’re not here for hotel experiences but to challenge the clock and of [...]

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micke-midlife on September 17th, 2009

Encouragement, that’s what’s needed in the last couple of days before the event. Thanks for all your comments and hints lately. Got also some hints from a pro on pre-race preparation. Martin Beckmann sent some hints how he does it. In short, within the last two weeks before the marathon it’s not about running anymore, [...]

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micke-midlife on September 16th, 2009

By the way, yesterday’s massage did its trick, the hip muscle is not hurting anymore and feels almost as normal again. This time it’s not a muscle but our little princess that could stop the running daddy on its quest to the sub-2:40h marathon . The day care called in the morning that the [...]

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micke-midlife on September 15th, 2009

The legs and the trouble making hip muscle got their final touch today. No, it’s not about shaving this time, that was three days ago. It’s rather about a decent sports massage. It’s 4,5 days to the start in Berlin, so I learned, that a muscle relaxing massage is what’s needed. The alternative would have [...]

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micke-midlife on September 14th, 2009

You guys think I’ll end up around 2:40h or perhaps slightly above when interpreting the votes given so far. This would be an improvement of 9 to 10 minutes over the run in Rotterdam half a year ago, not bad! By now I agree that it won’t be a sub-2:30h in Berlin. The training and [...]

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micke-midlife on September 13th, 2009

With 6 days to go it’s time again for the Saltin diet, starting today. Two and a half days - rest of Sun, Mon, Tue - a carb starved diet, then one switching day, eat a little of all, and finally 3 days of carb loading, the fun part. Training needs to go hand in [...]

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micke-midlife on September 12th, 2009

Of course you need a support crowd when going to a race. They cheer when you run by in the beginning of the marathon and are still looking fresh and all full of anticipation. They cheer when it starts to become tough and you shape up just for them when passing by. And they cheer [...]

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micke-midlife on September 11th, 2009

A bit of an analysis. Some time ago I had a look into Finland’s 2009 top 20 marathon results so far. Top 10 was up to 2:37h, top 20 up to 2:45h. It felt quite good to aim for something that gets one name into that list. Even dreamt of perhaps making it into the [...]

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