micke-midlife on December 31st, 2009


Hamburg Marathon it is, on April 25. The decision formed itself a while ago I guess. As pretty much decisions should be done. First you think of a number of criteria along which the decision should be made, then you find data to this criteria, evaluate it, make a pre-selection. Then comes the most important part: let the thinking mature a bit. Does new criteria come up? Is there new information that changes the game? Do reflections with other people bring new insights? If not, then just make the bloody call.

The criteria were that the run should be during spring time, the later the better. Every day later gives me one more day to run in better weather conditions (less snow & ice on streets, more light while being out there). Further, the course had to be flat and the starter field big enough to have other people running the same pace and a good audience standing on the sides. The evaluation was thorough. The pre-selection hinted to the Hamburg Marathon all the way. No new criteria came up, this project needs a dignified ending, so all for that. Game changers didn’t came up so far. There’s a bit of a dark horse called change of job location, but that’s not yet really seen on the horizon yet. When talking about the Hamburg Marathon, some point out the damn 2km ascent at the end of the race. Well, one needs a challenge at that point.

All in all, the time was ripe to do the registration today. And anyway, it’s the last day of registration to a guaranteed place in the starter field…


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