micke-midlife on December 14th, 2009

training notes, 24km long run

thought about a different way to do the long runs. Outside it’s now snowy, damn cold (-10 C) and yes still dark already at half past 3 in the afternoon. Not really too inviting after a day at work to go out there and hover around for an hour 40 or 50mins. So why not chopping the long run into manageable pieces and do it partly indoors. 1000m efforts for example. That was the plan: 4.2km warm up, 9 - 10 x 1000m in 3:40min or faster, 400 - 600m rest inbetween, another 2-3km barefooted on the track (I’m reading a book right now that touches base on this subject, interesting stuff), plus then cool down back to work where the showers are. All in all 24-25km or so. Went really great, the 1km’s in 3:37min on average. Good stuff.


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