this little project is an attempt to bring some long gone unfinished business finally to a well rounded ending. as for many young people in their teenage years and early twenties, sports was part of the life style. running middle and especially long distance was my stronghold, but never strong enough to go below 2:30h on the marathon distance, albeit close to it. then life changed - 12 years fast forward - studies abroad, the first job, business trips, more studies abroad, even longer working hours, marriage, a family kicked in and sports was merely an unsuccessful attempt to limit constantly growing fat reserves that despite gravity mysteriously amassed themselves more and more along the median of the body.

well - since life changed - can one still go back and pick up some lose threads from past dreams to give them the desired ending? let’s give it a try. more specifically let’s give it 400 days of training, about 4000km of running, 11kg to go down in body weight and an estimated improvement of 1:30 mins per km over what i’d be capable of running prior to this project (although the latter comparison doesn’t make any sense, since prior to this training i most probably couldn’t go the whole marathon distance). the idea:

-> run the marathon in berlin on sep 20, 2009 in under 2:30h.

-> aug 24, 2008 is the starting point for 400 days.

As it turned out 400 days weren’t enough, the body couldn’t handle the amount of running. An injury prevented the berlin marathon to be the final run in this project and overtime is needed.

* zero in the headline stands for something around 3:30h a good mid-field marathon finishing time.

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