micke-midlife on December 12th, 2009


It’s racing time again. Now during winter it’s the 10k’s again. The Aktia Cup winter series as last year with it’s second run. The series starts in Novmeber and consists of 5 runs. Pretty much the best crowd you can run with in Finland at this point in the year.

Thought about a novelty this time and decided to run according to feeling, not according to the wrist watch. Well, I made the decision 45 mins before the start when recognizing that I forgot my sports watch at home. Stupid me. As someone who measures pretty much all that’s measurable within the normal limits of an hobby athlete, the concept of running a race without 1km lap times is like going on an expedition without a compass. You think you can manage and trust your instincts, but half way in you recognize that it probably wasn’t such a good idea.

The first two kilometers are down hill, those are not about speed, but rather finding a rythm. It felt as the shoes were swimming around a bit on the wet street surface. Km 3 is then when running starts. And immediately other runners came flying by. That has always been that way, I never can hold my horses in the beginning. Km 4 and 5 felt awkward. The intermediate time at 5km was 17:33min. Not bad as such. Double it and it had been a new personal best in this project. Well easier said than done. It was a fight on km 6 and I took it easier on km 7. Then could accelerate on km 8 and 9 and it felt as if I was going damn fast. Well in my dreams. Even with a 500m acceleration to a full sprint to the finish line it was a 36:17min. No good at all. I’ve been 4 seconds faster same time last year, with probably 3000km less behind me.

Fu.. it. Running can be shitty sometimes.

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