micke-midlife on November 10th, 2009

20091110_the10ktarget1The target is set for this winter’s 10k running series. Going below 34min, bold as usually. “You only hit what you aim at”, as the American poet Henry Thoreau from the 19th century used to say. Btw as a tax resister quite a likeble fellow. Unfortunately there’s not much gain without pain. And a next painful episode is sketched up here, the November to January training. 12 weeks of run and fun…

The four inputs for this plan were:

  1. As earlier said, not to be home too late every day. One rest and one short run day in the week allow for being home earlier. Also riding the bike to work adds training time without deducting more time from family.
  2. A recent article in the German Runner’s World magazine pointed out the benefits of cross-training. Not to confuse with cross-country running (that’s not bad either, though but not meant here). Biking, rowing, the elliptic trainer, a dynamic strength circuit training, mix it all together in a good 1:45 hour session and you’re done for the day.
  3. The Runner’s World training coach (in German) provided a guideline on weekly kilometers and the standard elements, the long run & easy runs
  4. Finally, the interval stuff and hill sessions come from the Runner’s World sub-33min training program (in German).

Did I mention that I like the Runner’s World training tips…

Here we go, mix it all well and top it off with macademia nuts.

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