micke-midlife on March 11th, 2009

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somewhere I read that even a 4 hour marathon goal requires 8-9km running per day. We are now at 12km/day, is this enough for 2:40h in Rotterdam? 12 doesn’t really sound much more than 9, at least not equally much more than the results do. We’ll find out soon, it’s only 3 and half weeks away.

What has developed over the total time? With Polar’s heart rate monitor comes along a PC software that shows some nice graphs.

  • Training Time: well yes, the more you run, the more time you’ll need, to compensate it with speed isn’t really feasible. Whereas weekly accumulted training times were around 5:40 - 6:30h they’re now between 8:15 and 9:30hours per week.
  • Heart Rate Zones: Yes, a trend is visible. There was more training in the moderate, hard and even max area in the first 3 months. Now, there’s the majority of running done in the light and moderate zone.
  • Average Heart Rate shows a trend downwards from 150-170bpm initially to now 135-150bpm
  • Number of Exercises per week went slightly up from on average 5 to now 6, but as working family dad there’s a limit to that and it goes somewhere there where we are right now.
  • Both Total weekly Exertion and Pace don’t show much change. Pace has even gone down a bit in recent weeks. I guess those are more dependent on the weather and season. It’s hard to run faster on snow.

First summary after 100 days

Second summary after 150 days

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