micke-midlife on February 22nd, 2009

22022009_theicegyroscopeJust in time for “laskiainen” - the high season for children in Finland to take their plastic bob sleighs and other downhill capable gear to the snow covered slopes - we got our own EUR 5 “plastic tub” to let our little princess be part of the fun. Of course, we didn’t just put her in it and pushed her down the half pipe. We thought dragging her along in the near surroundings would be ok for a start.

Obviously, as we were standing outside after a half an hour dressing routine which we needed for double layer overalls, double gloves, double hats, double socks, etc. (”Daddy, remember the right dressing order!” Of course he didn’t), the littel princess had no intention to sit in the bob sleigh. Hence the princess’ mummy, aka. the queen, had to sit in as well. And yes, daddy was to look after the kinetic energy, i.e. drag the whole lot. Off we went, from the house through the little park, onto the frozen Vanhankaupunginlahti bay in the eastern part of Helsinki. Daddy running in the front and the girls satisfied sitting behind. This scenario definintely reminded of sprint training where the athletes drag a tire of other weights behind them while practising explosive starts and accelerations. With dragging the better part of the family over half the bay we surely can add a 50% addition in the training calendar today!

In the middle of the bay there’s a small island with a ice-roundabout. A sledge at the end of a long beam that in turn is mounted on top of a vertical pole, which keeps the apparatus fixed. Guess, how this thing works? Exactly, by daddy pushing at the short end of the beam…

On the way back we tested mummy’s strengths and the little princess sat on my lap in the bob sleigh. :-)

Today’s training: 4km warm-up, 10km in 37:15min on the indoor track, 5km cool down + this one

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