micke-midlife on November 9th, 2008

the economy is slowing down. is micke-midlife drawn into this downturn?

there are signals indicating a slowdown in the disciplined weekly training. the darkness and wet weather in the evenings after work seem to make our hero shy away from his clockwork precisely programmed training schedule. week 11 training, right after the first test race, was a sketchy one, as was the one before the test race.

the enthusiasm of the good race in kuivanto beared still through the the first couple of days. but then wet weather and longer work days kept us tied to the desk inside. the interval runs on friday were good as such, but too early in after lunch. those should have been 8, but ended up being four. the hill runs on sunday were good though.

the winter training period needs some adjustment. the same training program than in the fall might not work. more sessions inside, circuit training for strength - there’s a fitness room at work - and perhaps once a week onto an indoor running track in the nearby esport arena. they charge eur 60 for a 10-ticket, mh this might come handy to bridge the icy weeks from end of december to march.

or perhaps i need to kick me in the butt, stop whining and go out for training as all heros do.

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