micke-midlife on September 16th, 2009

17092009_throwingupBy the way, yesterday’s massage did its trick, the hip muscle is not hurting anymore and feels almost as normal again. This time it’s not a muscle but our little princess that could stop the running daddy on its quest to the sub-2:40h marathon ;-) . The day care called in the morning that the little princess is not in good condition, i.e. she started throwing up. Apparently a virus or bacteria that made her stomach first a dead end street and later in the day a through traffic road. Things coming out at the bottom in one rush pretty much in the shape they went in at the top. Only little was actually digested. The “funny” part of this was that it did bother her parents more than herself. The little princess threw up and was then happy sunshine right afterwards.

How to prevent this now to get hold of the queen and daddy? If it catches the runner while on his diet, there’s not much use of the carbo loading in the last three days before the run.  So, no kissing the little one, ok. Washing hands every now and then, also check. But avoiding contact - with a 2-year old - not really possible. Hope - that’s always good…

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