micke-midlife on September 15th, 2009

4daystoberlinThe legs and the trouble making hip muscle got their final touch today. No, it’s not about shaving this time, that was three days ago. It’s rather about a decent sports massage. It’s 4,5 days to the start in Berlin, so I learned, that a muscle relaxing massage is what’s needed. The alternative would have been a forming/shaping massage that goes deeper into the muscle tissue. But the latter might not be digested in a couple of days. Still, the “relaxing” massage was partly everything else but relaxing. Especially the hip muscle got its special treatment. I was wiggling around as if tortured. A real good massage is a funny thing, you know it’s gonna hurt, but it hurts in a good way. Or is that masochism?

And afterwards you’re thirsty and totally tired. I guess that’s the sign of a good massage. I’ve been to a couple of places here in Helsinki and yes they differ in both quality and price. The low-end is the sports massage school (Urheiluhierontaopisto) in Helsinki-Pasila. The prices are unbeatable, EUR 23 for an hour. But once you’ve been to a professional sports masseur, you recognize the difference. At the school it’s perhaps more stroking the surface, which is fine if you’re after that. The sports masseur on the other hand is drilling deeper into the muscles. The latter costs depending on where you go between EUR 35 and EUR 39. Not to bad in an international comparison as far as I’ve understood. It’s quarter to ten, I’m going to bed. zzzzzzz……………..

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