micke-midlife on July 10th, 2009

100720090791It’s a Golden League day today, Rome the third meeting in the series. Of course there are attempts for new records in some running disciplines and pace makers are in a central role again. In order to get into the spirit of tonight’s event I asked my pace makers, the queen and the little princess, to join me on a run this morning. Ok, they got a bit slow on steeper uphill parts and rolled away quite far ahead on the downhill stretches afterwards. It wasn’t too easy to stick to the provided pace.

Further, the little princess got bored and wanted to be entertained. Took over that role as well while running and highlighted points of interest on the way, a river, a dog that passed us by, a truck on the road. In the end we needed to keep the little one away from falling asleep (so much to my entertainment skills).  It’s no good idea to change the rythm of the day for her, the switch of the lil’ princess into a little devil is all too easy. So I sang with her her favorite songs, which made her swing left and right. That earned us some critisicm from the rider who tried to keep the bike straight. It wasn’t easy. Probably the 10 x 1000m interval runs in the evening are going to be easier.


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