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hci_ultbookbanAllison Janse, the Editor of “The Ultimate Runner”, approached 400days. She’s looking for your running story + photos. If your story or photo is chosen, you will receive $200.00 and a free book. The book is looking for non-exclusive rights, i.e. you can use the story elsewhere as well (e.g. on your own blog). The following chapters still look for contribution:

  • Physical Transformation Stories: People run for a variety of reasons—to improve cardiovascular health, to lose pregnancy weight, or to get in shape for a ten-year reunion or wedding.
  • Emotional and Spiritual Transformation Stories: Beyond endorphins and the runner’s high, once you are hooked on running, you know what it can do for you both mentally and spiritually. Many people credit running for pulling them out of depression, curing low self-esteem, or for giving them a purpose to their day after a divorce or the loss of a loved one.
  • The Social Side of the Sneakers: Did you meet your significant other at a running club? Did you deepen a friendship by training together—or was that last mile of training the thing that told you he or she was not the right one for you?
  • Off the Beaten Path: Whether it’s trail running, jogging around the riverfront, or an exotic trek through a rainforest floor, describe your favorite run down the road less traveled and what it taught you.
  • Memorable Races: Pub Runs, 10Ks, Marathons, or Triathlons: Whether it is your first race or your 100th marathon, nothing is as rewarding and as exhilarating as training for and finishing a race.
  • Running for a Greater Cause: In addition to running for personal reasons, many people run in honor or loved ones or to raise money for a worthy charity.

Contact Allison Janse, Editor of The Ultimate Runner at submit@ultimatehcibooks.com

More details at www.ultimatehcibooks.com and in this Word doc.

Pencils out and put the grey goo between the ears to action!

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