micke-midlife on May 2nd, 2010

at the startWhile strolling in Central Park on Friday (30.04.) the queen discovered signs that hinted towards a running event the next day. A few clicks on Opera Mobile later it turned out that New York is hosting a neat 5k event the next day. The entertainment industry foundation is in its support of the eradication of cancers in women calling for “womentum” (= an inspirational force gained over a distance of 5 Kilometers applied to the eradication of cancers in women). Hm, if this force gained over 5k can do that, what would the force gained over a 10k do, kill mankind? Well, ehm, yes… we’re in the US, right? And symbolism is big here. But it felt good to shell out USD 35 for this one. And men were allowed as well. Of course, with those celebrities on stage before the start, it was mainly men glaring towards it, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Haile Berry, what can you say, not a bad start for a Saturday morning in the beginning of May.

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