micke-midlife on August 17th, 2010

fullscreen-capture-17082010-140124“Sometimes” was this morning. The 8.5km from our new home in Espoo to work were extended by a 1km detour via the little princess’ day care. This extension will become the routine rather sooner than later. But it wasn’t the additional 1km that slowed me down, although the thought of it isn’t speeding me up either at 7:45 in the morning. Somehow the last couple of days’ training, yesterday’s attempt at 1000m intervals plus the morning run (26km altogether) and Sunday’s 21km (not slow) leave their marks. Also was last night with sub 6 hours not the longest. Anyway the trot to work this morning got slower and slower and after a couple of km, it was down to 5 mins/km. If there had been another means of transport handy, I would have used it. (Un) fortunately, I didn’t carry any money and the other people on the bus would definitely have appreciated a smelly runner in their midst…

I guess, it’s alright to slow down during training sometimes. My guiding thought is, in most cases it’s better to finish the training session in a slower pace than interrupt it and considerably shorten it. Is it?

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