micke-midlife on April 7th, 2010

training notes, 8 x 800m in 2:38min, quite alright

quite a good session today. The last one with Ari before the Hamburg Marathon, he’s on a vacation trip to southern Spain, lucky guy, he is. We did a really good series of 800m runs. Wanted to do 10, i.e. the Yasso 800s, but got a cramp in the left calf after 8. Well it’s been quite a bit of training lately. 2 x 6km intervals on Sunday, 30km long run on Monday in 4:14min/km, then a deep and hard massage yesterday, never before there was so much whining and wrenching in pain involved. It had been better to do a light run today, but tomorrow is the queen’s sports evening and Friday is too short for interval runs before Sunday’s 10k test run. The runs felt good, the last two had equally been in 2:40, so 2:38,5 overall, quite an impressive prediction for the marathon, if only it would come true…

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