micke-midlife on March 21st, 2010

The Hamburg Marathon on April 25 was set out to be the second marathon run in this project. Originally, the idea was to run two marathons last year (2009), Rotterdam in the spring and Berlin in the fall. But Berlin didn’t quite work out. No results there, the only result so far is the 2:49:57 from Rotterdam in April 2009. A far cry from what was set out to be the ultimate goal here. Now, with the iron deficiency and some lack of training in the recent weeks, would it be a good idea to leave out Hamburg (as well)?Some of you have recommended it, there are later races in the year, Stockholm for example in early June. But, but, I’m not gonna do it, i.e. not going to not run in Hamburg. First of all, no result from Berlin, if no result in Hamburg, how’s this going to continue? I could start call this 400days project the project of no results, right? Secondly, there’s a chance to actually show progress. A 2:49h as reference from Rotterdam. That’s not a too fierce mark to beat. With a bit more intelligent race planning - and sticking to it - a 3:5xmin/km on average doesn’t sound totally out of reach. And thirdly, the time in May and June is dedicated to renovation. We just got us a new apartment and that needs full attention. No time for running then.

There’s now exactly 5 weeks left to get the iron level up. Started 2,5 weeks ago on Retafer 100mg and look after a rather meaty nutrition (not a bad kind of diet at all!). Training levels have suffered of course and although the amount of km per week are kind of ok, the intensity (e.g. speed in interval runs) is lower compared to summer last year. But running in Hamburg still is a good idea.

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