micke-midlife on January 30th, 2010


Today I came across something cool. Was out on a shorter run because all the snow that has come down in the last 3-4 days makes running really difficult. The ground is uneven, the snow is soft. The feet stumble forward more than anything. Well, it trains all the small muscles in the feet that look after stabilizing, but if you’re into running with a good stride and rythm, you might get close to desperation right now.

Somewhere along the  railway tracks close to the Oulunkylä station I came across this open door into the ground. It remined quite a bit about the place in the movie “Cyclomania“, where the main characters discover the fun of interval training. So, this was sufficiently interesting to be checked out. When entering the opening suddenly the ventilation and lights went on. Didn’t first grasp it, what happened since Rammstein was blasting “Pussy” in my ears. 

Was  abit shocked first and ran out again, but then figured out that there was no danger approaching. After a brief breathing pause outside, took the way back in and ran down as far as you can get. It wasn’t deep, perhaps 150, max 200m. It got warm down there, a nice change from the -10 to -20 degrees Celsius it has been outside lately. When arrived at the bottom I turned around and ran the slope up again. Thereby you can motivate your running this way: You look up to the door and the bright daylight coming in from there. Then you image the typical situation in a Bond movie, the door gradually closing and the light getting smaller and smaller. You need to reach the door to jump out before it closes completely. A great strain of thought while on your way up, your pulse reaches easily 180 when getting back to the snow covered ground outside. Additionally, let Rammstein tell you “Weidmanns Heil” and it’s the right trigger of approriate aggressiveness. Wanted to re-live it a couple of times and did a decent uphill sprint session.

It probably wasn’t the  same place where they filmed “Cyclomania”, there the underground tunnel was much longer, but it was fun, too.

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