micke-midlife on December 3rd, 2009

training notes, interval runs 3×1000m in 3:21min, 3×800m in 2:43min, 3×600m in 2:00min, 19.2km in total

Runs were supposed to be 10 x 1000m, we’re not there yet. However, those felt way better than the first attempt last week, things are improving. Interval sessions make decent kilometers. 19.2km in total, almost a long run (= 22km and more). Today, 8,5km for warm up and cool down - the indoor track is about 4,3km away from work - plus the runs and 400m jogs as rest in-between. Not bad. Counted from last Friday, it’s been 110km in total in the last 7 days.


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