micke-midlife on December 1st, 2009

training notes, easy run 16.9km with uphill accelerations, 4:36min/km, 5:25h of sleep

It’s black dark again, this time no rain, but wet streets and damp. Actually today’s training was supposed to be indoors, a nice and cozy circuit training, first some warm up on a tread mill and then some circuit exercises with nice rests in-between. But it’s the queens christmas party at work on Friday, hence the run with Pekka K. (not the one from yesterday) originally thought to be on Friday was moved to today. The usual route around Espoo’s Laajalahti’s shore lines. It’s a bit of a guessing game in the foresty patch in the beginning, the lights are only accompanying you on the first 500m the rest of the 6km are quite dark. Pekka was pushing it from the start, every uphill stretch he accelerated. Is he a believer of the same training philosophy? (I.e. “on every basic run, do acceleartions whenever there’s an uphill battle. If there isn’t do it on a flat patch.”) Later he told me he believes more in “making pain your friend, so you never run alone again”.

I came home at a quarter to 7, the queen told me, no christmas party on Friday, it was called off. Ah, what the heck. It’s been 91km of running in the last 5 days, that’s alright!


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