micke-midlife on October 13th, 2009

13102009030_hanteln_und_rolleTomorrow starts overtime. Tomorrow, not today - still one evening to enjoy, lie around, read a book, play with the princess etc. Asch - in reality I’m looking forward to it, back to the action, back to blood sweat and tears - so I tell myself. Need to pour me some more tea and get me another cookie now…

Got the green light from the royal mgmt, aka the queen and the little princess to go into overtime until next spring. The improvement proposals regarding family integration were warmly welcomed. A first step to implementation is ahead when planning the training for the rest of the fall and winter.

After this 3 and half week break after the Berlin Marathon (attempt), the next 2 weeks will still contain no running, but swimming, circuit training in the gym and strength @ home. Got me those nice 4kg dumb-bells for a 5er on the Finnish equivalent to Ebay. You get all kinds of things for pretty low prices. The good thing is the buyer market is much smaller and some articles don’t find a buyer crowd at all. Got a ceiling fan in mint condition for 10 EuroCents as well. Wanted to give the seller a 100% markup when picking it up, but he just refused to take any money. Good business here in Finland!

The green wheel is a killer! Got that from the queen as a birthday present a couple of weeks back. You’re supposed to go on your knees. Align your thighs, back and upper torso straight along one axis. Keep your arms straight and grab the wheel at the bar on both sides. Now roll the wheel forward as far as you can and pull it back again. Beginners are supposed to do one series with 7 pepetitions, intermediates 2 x 10 reps and practiced¬† can do 3 x 12 reps. I could do 4-5 reps, once, then the upper stomach muscles hurt. The fall’s gonna be fun.

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