micke-midlife on September 6th, 2009

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Only 85km this week and one and a half tough training sessions. The training runs are run. After 4272km during this whole project up to now, and 1040km in the last 10 weeks, there’s not much more you can win by chiping in extra efforts - perhaps another 30 or 40km more in the last weeks prior to the race. On the contrary, it’s time to slow down and rest. Let the competition shape come up through resting and focus on tuning the psychological aspects. Those are not to underestimate with a marathon. In addition FDH (= Friss die Hälfte, eat half the amount ) and SDD (= Schlaf das doppelte, sleep twice as much) should help to push the kilos down and keep the immune system up.

today’s training: 10.5 km boring run in the rain


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