micke-midlife on September 25th, 2009

The results from the orthopeadic came in, he called this morning. Don’t click open this blog post if you’re offended by a bit of bare skin.


Guess which side is hurt.

The swelling is gradually fading away after hours of ice treatment. Walking is getting better again.

It took a couple of days until Finland’s medical system found out what went wrong with the hip/leg. First, X-rays didn’t show anything wrong, which is good. That meant that the bones are ok, nothing broken. The orthopedic had a look at the swelling and where the pain is located and had more questions than answers. He reiterated that it’s very unlikely that the hip/leg bone junction has any damage. An MRI was needed to show what happened to the tissue layers of muscles and ligaments.

The MRI eventually told the story. A muscle attaching the left leg to the hip which is located more towards the back than the side is significantly torn, i.e. about half of the tissue in the mid area of the muscle showed signs of injury on the MRI. This explains quite well the feeling of internally breaking/tearing something, which I had 3 weeks ago in the final internal run session and at km11 in the marathon.

I mean, taking it this way, a half-marathon in 1:22h with one musle less isnt’ that bad, is it?


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