micke-midlife on September 27th, 2009

400daysIt’s 400days today. But wait a minute, the Berlin Marathon was last week already, hence at 393 days. Did I have too much wine when setting up this project? Or did I just mix up when counting the weeks/days? Not at all, counting is still ok with me, whether it’s kilometers, minutes or days and weeks. It was the Berlin Marathon organization that changed the date after this 400days project was set up in July/August last year. I guess/ I hope not really to tease me, but to get out of the way of the national elections that take place this Sunday.

In retrospective, quite a bumpy ride on those 4300km altogether.

In the beginning smooth riding, getting used to training 4-5 times a week went well. The first 10k’s in the fall and the beginning of winter all building up on each other to the current still remaining personal best of 35:34min. Also training through the Finnish winter went surprisingly well, no slipping on ice or snow, no other injuries, no major motivational downturn. Even the long runs - 32-34km - on an indoor 400m track couldn’t get me depressed!

The spring season however was more difficult. The result in Rotterdam on the lower end of expectations, no good 10k runs either and things at work started piling up as well. Training was neglected more than it perhaps should have. And also the family side of life signaled that daddy could be home earlier more often than 8pm every night.

The bike tour and summer vacation brought things back into balance again, of course work ;-) , family life and training. Things went upwards again. Until 2 weeks or 10 days before the Berlin Marathon, when the injury happened that prevented this project to end…

How this continues - ah well, more on that tomorrow.


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