micke-midlife on August 9th, 2009

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The 12 weeks are divided in 3 mini cycles where this week, week 7 before the Berlin Marathon marks the first tough week in the second cycle. 110km, 8,5 hours of net running time in 6 training sessions. Still can’t manage to do 7, there’s always one tired day on which flesh wins over mind.

The highlight of the week were the 1000m intervals, sometimes it needs a kick from the environment around to get to those results. Overall it didn’t feel easy to run this week. The unsustainable sleeping hours (below 6,5h) during the week could be part of the reasons. The high amounts of km in the  previous weeks might still play a role as well.

Next week, week 6 is front loaded with short intervals and fartleks until Wednesday, the rest is preparation for the Midnattsloppet, the 10k race on Saturday evening in Stockholm. Aiming for a new personal best, compared to race results so far. Wish me some luck, and 2-3 kg less…


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