micke-midlife on August 23rd, 2009

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One tough week done of the last three harder training weeks before the Berlin Marathon. 120km in 7 training sessions. The weekly training is structured in a way that repeats itself quite often in all those marathon preparation weeks. In the beginning there’s a faster interval session with runs up to 2000m. Thereafter and in the middle of the week basic runs and the long run, more than 25km, should be above 2 hours, but sometimes I’m lazy and it isn’t. Towards the end of the week the second interval session with longer runs, such as 2 x 5 km or so. A thumb-rule is to train at least 20km per week at or above race pace.

The Midnight run is still in the legs, the thigh muscles kept me reminding of the way up to the Sofia church on Stockholm’s southside through the whole week. Two of the Monday intervals were 400m shorter than they were supposed to be and the long run was cut short 2-3km. Took it slower towards the end of the week. The planned 2 x 6km intervals, were actually 6km + 4km + 1 km, with a decent 3:18min run for this last one, not bad.

Another rough week ahead, 5 x 2km intervals right away. Well, running is fun, isn’t it? The queen asked me that today, I couldn’t really answer.

today’s training: 14km easy run


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