micke-midlife on August 30th, 2009

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Although there should have been another two weeks of hard training, it’ll be only one, the one that’s gone. He, he, that’s always the better one to choose ;-) . It feels like that lighter running in the rest of the time after 7 to 8 weeks of tough training will let the form curve go north east. Form and fitness always kick-in after periods of rest or lighter training.

The 104km this week consist of an ugly 4×2000m “short” interval session - everything beyond 1200m is just torture - some 14 - 16km lighter runs, a long interval session (7,5km + 1,8km + 1,8km, those are slower of course than the short ones) and a 2 hour long run.

Btw. all in all we’re closing in on the 4200km in this project, quite some distance.

Today’s training: long run 28.5km in 2:05h


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