micke-midlife on August 27th, 2009

27082009It actually was yesterday, but was almost tempted to do the same trick again. Namely to pull the “no running today” card. It’s a new element in my training. Once a week, if the weather is bad, if work’s too much, if the flesh is weak (although the mind reminds of the weekly km goal) or there’s just general dislike to go out for a run, there’s the option to draw the red card. It’s only allowed once a week, not twice or so.

It was difficult today not to pull it again. The weather still grey and rainy and the massage in the morning made the legs heavy as lead. Normally I’d go for a massage in the evening after the training, but the local massage school (urheiluhierontaopisto) is constantly booked out in the evenings. Currently one would need to book 3 weeks in advance to get a time after work and training. No way to plan that far ahead.

Still can reach 120km this week, which was kind of the implied level, it’s gonna be a little tough for the last three days. Somehow 74km would need to fit into those. Hm best to go to sleep right away, can need any rest now that’s available…


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