micke-midlife on July 16th, 2009

sports_tracker_screenshotThe Sports Tracker application has become a regular running companion again. The different workouts are nicely shown with map, route profile, speed pictures and music on the service. Check it out. Especially now when running with several pairs of shoes, the heavier and more solid ones for longer and slower runs, the lighter road running shoes for fartleks and other runs with faster streches and the racing flats for runs on the track or very fast stuff in the streets of Helsinki. The Polar foot pod is attached and calibrated to one pair right now and I’m too lazy richt now to do it for all the other pairs as well.


Click on the picture to the left to get to the 400days page on the Sports Tracker service. You might catch me live on a run. Even better, if you see, you’re close by come around and join in!


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