micke-midlife on July 1st, 2009


Zero punctures: tyres with kevlar layers are pretty sturdy nowadays

One armrest of the triathlon handle bar broke off, could be replaced 230km later

Two legs hurt afterwards, actually already from day 4 onwards, after the two faster days in southern Sweden with average speeds over 30km/h the thighs got pretty tired.

Three kilos were lost on the roads, my weight before was 76kg afterwards 73kg

Five Power Bars provided additional fuel, one for each day, none on the first two days

Seven days of riding, one in Finland, three in Sweden and three in Germany

28.05km/h was the average speed on the whole trip

57 hours of net time on the bike

650 EUR was the whole trip including ferries, places to stay for the night and the flight back to Finland

1599km from Nastola Finland to Ansbach Germany

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