micke-midlife on June 26th, 2009

Riding alone is only half the fun. Stefano’s knee didn’t get better. The pain krept up into the thighs, we decided it’s better for him to quit and take the train, unfortunately. The stakes were too high, it could have harmed his marathon training and Berlin preparation schedule. After all Stefano’s damn close to go sub 2:30h.
Still, in the fight against cars and trucks, it would have been helpful to be two. The Germans love making rules and seeing to it that others obey those. Today’s experience in that department was regarding using the cycle path or not. In the first day tour post I outlined my views why cycle paths don’t make sense for long distance riding. Today I applied my opinion and stayed om the streets instead. Some car and truck drivers were of a different opinion and honked while approaching from behind. That can be quite scary sometimes. Fortunately my finger motion control isn’t too good right now. The constant pressure from the handle bar on certain areas of the hand have impacted my hand nervs and limited the abilities to move fingers quickly and precisely. So I use all fingers and wave at honking vehicles.

Speaking of impact from the cycle tour so far - after having come across 1000km, this summary can be well done now already. First as said dexterity limitations in the hands due to constant pressure on the respective hand nervs. Secondly the area between the legs that is the man-machine interface towards the saddle. It hurts damn badly. I’m applying a wound healing panthenol paste daily to save what there is to save. But it hurts when sitting back onto the saddle. Thirdly, legs hurt of course. To be precise, it’s the thigh muscles.

Other than that, the tour is great! Traffic’s going to be less dense on the weekend now. The weather, well, it’s gonna be like in a cooling down laundry room, not too hot, but the moisture just won’t go away.

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