micke-midlife on June 25th, 2009

The last of the three Sweden days saw me riding in the southern tip of this fine country. I hate to say this but everything in the landscape and countryside looks a tad nicer than in Finland. Well looked after farms and country houses and less dense forests. The southern tip then has a lot of history, stone houses and barn buildings that might have seen the fights between Swedes and Danes in Gustav Wasa’s times.

With Stefano still stranded in Linköping in the morning, I rode today’s leg alone. Getting out of Växjö was tricky, the main road that connects east and west is a motorway. Had to find my way through residential areas and industry parks. Eventually we were on the beloved state road 23. The sun high up, the wind from behind and increasingly from the right side, best riding conditions, in the end reflected in an overall average speed of 31.2km/h. I did 40 to 50km stretches, then I had to get off the bike to bend the back the other way round, get out of the saddle (sitting on it hurts down there by now a bit) and shake the legs. The upper leg muscles let me feel the distance.

Speaking of distance, we’ve done now more than half of the whole journey. Somewhere around Hässleholm that mark was crossed.
Including this day the total distance has been 925km. From here it’s all downhill… Actually not, we start from the baltic sea coast and work our way up some lower mountain areas in GER.

We, this includes Stefano again. He managed to get his bike disassembled so that the bus accepted it. He’s on the way here to Trelleborg and should arrive in good time to reach the ferry at 22:00. So tomorrow it’s riding together again.

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