micke-midlife on June 23rd, 2009

Stockholm is horrible to go through by bike. Especially if you’re not local and planned the route based on major ways to get out of the city. The signage of the cycle paths leads you constantly to the other side of the road or far away from it. At the end we opted to hop on the dual carriage ways with our bikes.
The weather today was equally fine than yestetday, sun shine all day, just warmer. Stefano was already burned from the previous day and kept his arm and leg warmers on all day as a sun shield. Those are black… poor dog.
I got the triathlon handle bar fixed. The guys at Jack Cykel in Nyköping helped me out. They had one armrest left in their accessory section. This was luck. Those triathlon handle bars which were popular in the 90’s when they appeared, they lost their appeal since many bike race organizers banned those. Only the long distance crowd still has’em. Surprise, surprise that I love it. Now I have two different ones, looks like wearing two different socks. I was so happy that this worked out, that the following 20km were at speeds between 32 and 65km/h. Admittedly the tail wind had it’s impact a little bit. SportsTracker got so enthusiatically that it put the max speed at 85km/h, the GPS satellites started dancing or something.
Speaking of the SportsTracker, the first LiveSharing session died today apparently. Thanks Jaakko for letting me know. I didn’t see that from the mobile client, it worked as it should have. So in case similar happens in the days to come, send me a quick note over email (micke-midlife@400days.net).
Todays ride was a bit on the lower side. We should do about 215km a day. Well, it’s gonna be a bit more tomorrow.

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