micke-midlife on June 22nd, 2009

250km and 8:55h later (net riding time) we arrived in Turku. The pictures and videos of this day (above) are placed on the map in the Sports Tracker service, link provided in the side bar.

The highlights of the day in summary.
Using the bicycle path just doesn’t make sense when you do long distance. The pavement often is of lower quality, try to go 40km/h on it , and you know. Then, it goes up and down whereas the street stays flat. Compared to the street, it’s always the bicycle path that has the funny curves and bends at major crossroads. Finally it just doesn’t go from Nastola to Turku. It’s only a fraction of the distance. You’d need to do the main part on the streets anyways.

Finnish trucks are good, they give you some speed while they’re passing by at a one meter distance. It’s especially nice to get a break from the constant head wind when your direction is south east. We can clearly differentiate between a wood transport and a processed food transport. The wood transport is more fun wind wise.

Materials have a certain lifetime. The same force applied always the same way will eventually break it. So it happened with one armrest of my triathlon handle bar. The whole handle bar is 15 years old. The plastic armrests are already patched with some steel support. Now the right one broke off completely (see one of the media files above). This won’t be easy to fix while on the road. We need to get to a larger place at bike shop opening times to look for a replacement of those armrests. Nyköping is our next bet.

Otherwise were those 250km harder than we expected. We rode a 90km leg first and a 70km leg then. On average we were at about 29.5km/h by then. In the afternoon both of us were tired and the average speed dropped to 28.3km/h. Slight head wind though. The wind could definitely be better tomorrow. We’ll see.

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