micke-midlife on April 18th, 2009

17042009_gymnastikDaddy has it all figured out, she’s gonna be a high jumper or a pole-vaulter, no doubt about that. They are often the best looking female athletes and can in parallel pursue a career in modelling, the media or advertising. It’s all about looks and being good enough in something to be seen, right? Of course, early stage preparation is key to success. Training the abs to a six pack at the age of two - you have to start at some point, don’t you?

Yeah right, with this parental approach, she’s gonna opt for daddy’s nightmare, have a total looser boy-friend at the age of 12, smoke cigarettes and all kinds of leaves at 14 and be a single mother at 16. Better to let her figure it out herself. But no objections if she chooses to do some things like daddy, e.g. strengthening gymnastics.


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