micke-midlife on April 26th, 2009

26042009_hamburg_marathonThe Hamburg Marathon is on today, the top 10 male and female runners have by now (10:52 EET, i.e. 9:52 MET) passed the 10k, not yet reached the 20k mark. Among the men there seem to be two leading groups, the first with KEN and ETH plus one GER runner the second 25 - 30 seconds behind with more mixed nationalities. In the women’s race one Spanish, Alessandra Aguilar is leading by 50 sec over a group of 6. And our today’s hero Hendrik is doing great on the first 10k.

Unfortunately the live video stream doesn’t work,  as as well apparently the sponsoring of the race. The marathons even the big ones seem to feel the heat of the economic crisis. Hamburg is with over 20.000 runners at the starting line the second biggest after Berlin, their main sponsor Conergy, a company for renewable energy apparently didn’t have enough enough of energy to continue the engagement. It took a long time and eventually just before race day before Hamburg secured a new main sponsor Möbel Kraft. On the web page it looks like there’s a number of equally small sponsors and one is just lifted up to have them there with the marathon name.

Anyway, expectations are high, on the men’s side the winning time is targeted to be around 2:08h. Two Kenians Riri and Cheribo plus one Ethopian Adelo Roba are supposed to look after that (more details here). In the women’s race 2006 European champion Ulrike Maisch but didn’t finish in neither 2007 nor 2008 due to injuries is looking to come out with a better result this year. So hopes the Hamburg Marathon organization as well, since they signed a 4-year deal with her back in 2006 (oh man, I don’t want to be the managing director of this race organziation). Right now, things look ok, at 20k she’s still in the top 5, in a group of 4 runners who are - over 2 minutes behind the leading Alessandra Aguilar! Wow, there’s someone pacing ahead! Let’s see how things unfold.

In the main pack there’s our today’s hero Hendrik Auf’Mkolk, he came in with a comment 37 hours ago. It’s his first marathon, he aims for a 3:30h. Go for it Hendrik! The online live results show 49:10 min on the first 10k for you. You’re spot on, right on time! Good pacing, didn’t make this beginner’s mistake to get overwhelmed by the event and the other runners and start too fast.

After half the race distance, the men are still in a leading group of 6 with one GER, two KEN and three ETH. The women are chasing Alessandra now 2:30min ahead, she’s absolutely on a rough ride, aiming at 2:27:xx . All the best to keep this pace through the race!

I’m out for an easy 20k run and seeing some areas for a potentially new family apartment.
Update at 17:00 EET

Our protagonist did a good job and came out with a 3:38:30

The men winner was Ethopian Solomon Tside with time of 2:11:47

The female winner was indeed Alessandra Aguilar with a time of 2:29:01


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