micke-midlife on April 1st, 2009

4daystorotterdamthe Saltin Diet is quite a torture, well can you call it torture if you do it voluntarily to yourself? Anyway, 3 days of no carbs means at breakfast yoghurt with vegetables and milk, at lunch meat or fish with salad, after lunch still feeling cold in the hands since blood pressure is down and the body still didn’t get any sugars to burn. And in the evenings a salad with cheese and ham (without bread), plus some curd as desert. Quite a horror trip for someone who used to eliminate a bag of candy in the evenings.

But now the sun’s out again, the dark days of no carbs are over. Today is switching day, a little from everything, cheese and ham WITH bread, from tomorrow on until Saturday it’s bread without ham and cheese… Not so great either. And moreover, carb loading means to have a diet with 70 - 75% carbohydrates, with of course sugars being a very small fraction of it. How to do that when the best bread contains around 48%, crisp bread is 50 - 65%, only my good old fruit granola reaches 73% carbs with the fruit bits in it contributing thereof 22% from sugars (mainly fructose of course). Just checked the Power Bar products, also there 68% carbs. Only some pastas, go beyond 70%. Baked potatoes are apparently up three as well. It used to be more the women standing around the nutrition fact info sheets of our comapany restaurant. It’s gonna be fun tomorrow to join them ;-)

I’m definitely gonna enjoy a good hamburger after the race!

no training today

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