micke-midlife on March 1st, 2009

21012009_long_intervalsIt happened again today. The training target was 2 x 7km in 3:45min/km and already km 3 on the first one was beyond this limit. The following ones then just worse. Forced me on km 4 and barely got a 3:46min together, km 7 was then totally the end with a 3:54min. Quite annoyed by the unexpected low training results and with a hurting buttocks from the jumps on Friday I gave up. I didn’t even start after the 5 minutes rest period for the second 7k run. Instead did a slow 5km run with focus on running style and co-ordination.

Afterwards of course, second thoughts came creeping back. Shouldn’t it just have been pulled through, a second 7k, even if in 3:50 - 3:55min/km? At least there would have been some fighting spirit and a training effect.

today’s training: 4km warm-up, 7km race pace (3:47min/km), 5km with focus on style, 4,5km cool-down, 21km in total

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