micke-midlife on March 28th, 2009

8daystorotterdam8 days to go. The first weather forecast predictions provide indications for the Rotterdam weather on the race day, April 5th. It looks good, way too good. Let’s monitor it at weather.com

8daystorotterdam_partly_cloudyWith officially 13 degrees Celsius, we’d have 16 - 18 degrees in the sun. This is best marathon weather one could think of. It’ll be really interesting to see, what difference this will make to running compared to sub-zero, cloudy, gravel and ice on roads and walkways. With the race starting at 11am, the sun will be high up by then. Drinking right from the first pit stops will be important.

today’s training: 40 minutes at relaxed pace through a snow storm, approx 9 km.


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