micke-midlife on March 26th, 2009

10daystorotterdam1It was almost a bit like Christmas today, well more like the second day of Christmas - boxing day. Not that I would have put things back into boxes. But rather boxes with running shoes have arrived. One pair of GnL shoes, they’reĀ  special, a review will follow still this week. And then the racing flats, Adidas adizero adios, the Haile shoes! Nice and really, really yellow, I can tell you. Put them on the scales, size UK 9 weighs 213g, very lightweight, very fast. Had to wear them right away and get the race feeling, mental preparation is half the success. Damn, I felt fast on every step in the 50 square meter apartment!

Of course, while we were at it, had to try the rest of the race outfit, white jersey, black shorts, green socks and yellow shoes, quite a color combination! And all Adidas (except of the socks, but you don’t see them anyway), I should tell them, they should sponsor me. With the new haircut - army style - I look as competitive as Haile, no questions asked!

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