micke-midlife on February 16th, 2009

16022009_slow_weekLet’s do something new, I thought right before going out to do the long run. Of course, that was the most vulnerable moment for such a distraction. The moments between the desk at work and the changing room. The direction towards the car is quite the same, it’s very easy to accidentially miss the door to the changing room and just walk straight out to the car park and drive home. That happened today.

Let’s try something new. We had now 5 weeks in a row with a total of 509km. The heart rate at similar running pace is clearly dropping all the time. It’s hard to get it going beyond 175 anymore. So let’s try to take a slow week now, with just 3-4 sessions, 50 - 60km in total. And then have another hard 5 weeks towards Rotterdam.

It feels awkward to arrive home while there’s still light outside. Well, spring is coming fast, the sun goes down at 5:12pm right now, it’ll be around 6pm in 10 days.

The shopping tour with the little princess instead was spirit lifting anyways. She likes the car shaped trolleys, where she can sit in and grap the steering wheel. On the way to the mall we hit the horn to greet a friend. In the shopping mall she imitated that and made sure everyone knew she was around.

Sometimes shopping is more fun than running.

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