micke-midlife on February 4th, 2009


More ISPO news, thanks to J.K., our flying outpost live on the ISPO Winter exhibition in Munich. Is Cardiosport the company to watch? They seem to have a big secret that they have apparently on display on the ISPO. J.K. our man almost flew off their stand when taking pictures of their heart rate monitor product line. Two of their friendly booth staff were on our man and making it crystal clear that the pictures are to be deleted immediately. J.K.’s friendly inquiry for reasons (Wtf), didn’t result in any insightful answers.

Their product web pages don’t reveal the secret. Indeed, their products can be labelled as hot’n sexy if we still were in the early nineties. One of their flagship products the GT 5 is promoted with the highlighted slogan “with cool carbon fibre looks“. Well, well… Also the latest news section seems to be still stuck in last year as the copyright label reveals at the bottom of the page.

Anyway, we couldn’t understand the behaviour, especially because both Polar and Suunto said “welcome, be our guest, take pictures, this is free advertising”.

Toady’s training: 1-2-2-1-1km interval runs indoors in 3:26 min/km, 18km altogether, see warm-up & cool-down route

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