micke-midlife on January 11th, 2009

a very special daddy special today. daddy had some free time to hit the town with a friend. the queen and princess had their own meeting with a friend-became-recently-mother, those seem to be all around lately.

after the relaxed 15k run earlier in the morning, the gin based long drink tasted really good. or was it the bar environment that brought back some memories from old times? back then to go to a bar was pretty much putting on shoes and a jacket and opening the apartment door. nowadays the undertaking requires more stamina. the distance to downtown is four or five fold, in addition to shoes and a jacket, enduring questioning looks and good reasons are required. the higher the stakes, the sweeter the prize.

after playing a couple of billiard games we headed towards a carrols restaurant, the finnish equivalent to mc donalds. their fish burger is just phenomenal. the best runner’s food you can get … once in a while … not too often … not before a race of course … the 12 week marathon preparation for rotterdam starts tomorrow, so today was still, eh not really marathon training. whatever, the burger is really damn good.

on the way back, we came across the senate square where helsinki’s landmark, the white dome resides. there’s currently a light installation shown on the weekend late afternoons and evenings. see for yourself.

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