micke-midlife on January 18th, 2009

part 3.5: yesterday’s race needs still digestion. although the trainings plan says “rest” for today, a 6-8k “active rest” was supposed to loosen up tight muslces that slightly hurt after the race. speaking about hurt, the left leg’s calf started hurting again, in fact it really never went completely away after those galactic 1000m interval runs in the espoo indoor arena. the calves gone hard after running on the slightly too hard indoor track. although the pain goes away after a couple of easy outdoor sessions, it comes back when going on the track again or after the 10k race yesterday. as far as the internet can serve as a medical aid here, it says stretching, magnesium nutritional supplements and easy workouts for a while should get it back to normal.

an easy workout it definitely was, 7.3km in something between 5:30 and 6 min/km. although, getting ready for it, took a while. there are quite a number of bits and pieces now that are to be attached and set-up since testing the nokia n79 active in addition to the normal use of the polar s625x.

first two heart rate monitors, the “polar for nokia” one connects through bluetooth only to the handset, the other one through polar’s proprietary link to the watch. next is the watch around the wrist, followed by the mobile phone to be put into the armband. the new armband is quite tight, hope it will loosen up a bit over time. the mobile device definitely won’t fall out. the armband goes onto the upper arm. finally the polar system’s footpod that measures distance and pace is put back onto the winter running shoes. hardware attachement wise we’re almost done now. the headset is kept tied up with the armband, this way it doesn’t get lost. it’s just to plug it in and pull the cable under the jacket so that it doesn’t bounce around.

software wise we need to adjust the speed calibration factor on the s625x wrist unit, since the asics winter running shoes need another speed calibration factor than the adidas cushion shoes. and then of course switching on the sports tracker and music player applications on the n79. it helps a lot if you create shortcuts for those applications directly on the home screen. especially with gloves on, it is a bit tricky to navigate through the menu structure.

with all this gear attached to you, the thought of becoming a humaniod is hard to aviod. to be clear, the nokia n79 active and polar s625x are two from each other independent systems. i’d like to continue documenting this whole running project in the polar system, in addition testing the nokia system. fortunately, clothing is covering it mostly up. i guess soon we will have add-ons with needles that take and analyse your blood while running. if training intensity is measured as too low, they switch the music to metallica.  let’s hope they just measure the blood and don’t pour additional substances into it…

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