micke-midlife on December 22nd, 2008

one of those days. you’re in a new place, totally motivated for some really good running sessions to show the local folks what a running-pro you are. there’s a hill that’s never too steep and of course that’s the place to demonstrate your skills. and yes, the two minutes up-hill efforts that are some what under control on home turf have to be translated into - of course 2 minutes up-hill runs on the never-too-steep-hill. in a kind of serene way i proposed 8 x 2min runs.

yeah, of course, as it used to turn out…

the very first run showed that 2 mins are so far away from what our hero could do as santa claus is from coming at easter. runs had to cut down to approximately 1:15min. after 4 runs we needed a longer rest period and after 6 runs we had enough.

the next day the buttocks hurt, i.e. it was a really good training session!

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