micke-midlife on December 27th, 2008

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the younger generation proposed a fartlek for today. two, one, two minutes efforts first, then a four minute effort and finally another two-one-two minute block, three minute rests in-between. this is stuff an old 800m expert (17 years ago…) likes, except for the four minute effort of course. short efforts with enough rest in-between. there were just long distancers on today’s session, so how bad could it be? the young 10k and marathon guys were too fast on the middle distances on the track anyway. ha, i’m gonna show them!

3km warm up, it’s freezing cold, one of the gazelles forgot his gloves, psychologic advantage for me. let’s play it cool and chit chat about unrelated things. still i need to get an indication on what speed the efforts ought to be. no clear answers, “… well somewhere below 3:20 or so.” before the efforts start i demand a break to jump into the bushes, just to avoid surprises during the session that can afterwards be turned into arguments against me, need to play it safe with those young sharks.

“ok, up the short hill and from there we start” one commands. ha, signs of weakness, he doesn’t want to have the upwards slope pushing his heart rate to 200 right away, wimp. and so the first effort starts, a two-minute effort. accelerating to a 3:15min/km pace in the first 10 seconds, the heart rate monitor shows the current speed, accelerating further to a 3:00min/km pace. ok, this is good, right? damn, they’re still going faster, 2:45min/km. sweat doesn’t just appear due to the physical strain, this speed doesn’t seem very sustainable for an old fart. i give up after 1:50min.

the following efforts don’t go any better, it’s about half the effort and then give up, for me. the whole session turns into an individual 1:50-0:45-1-1:30-1-0:45-1 challenge. the young guys proudly show their backs and rush on. and in the end, they stand there grinning on the parking lot (see the picture above). damn, what i hate running some times.

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